Green Lake Technology was founded by Mark Zhong in 2012, when he traveled in several Asia countries. The offline travel map idea came from a short layover at Hong Kong international airport, when he didn’t have cell signal and want to visit the city by himself. The Footprint - Where I’ve been idea was derived by original Facebook’s where i’ve been app. Then he developed other travel apps such as photo map, voice translator and currency converter. In 2015, Mark published the Drone Buddy after he crashed his phantom vision 2 drone in Jones Beach due to bad weather. In 2016, we launched our first Apple TV app (TV+MAP). Early 2017, we launched Pixtann, an photo app generating beautiful artwork. Mark currently lives in Queens, NY with his wife and 2 sons. His apps are downloaded millions time around the world. As a indie app developer, he will keep shipping awesome apps in the future.